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Gardening Tip: Aspartame Kills Ants

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Gardening Tip: Aspartame Kills Ants

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My wife is phobic about bugs, especially ants, and is always wanting to fog, spray, or smush any that come around = I am much more tolerant of them, as I always hear my Drill Instructor whispering (at 120 decibels) “Private did you eat today”?

I dutifully replied “Sir, YES SIR!”

To which the patient voice menacingly stated – “Then let them eat”.

Anyway – when the lessons learned from the DI hit the lessons learned from angry wife collide – I have to look for bug spray.


Since I have both Bees and Baby, I don’t want to spray chemicals all throughout the house, so I started looking for less toxic solutions.

I have heard that Aspartame was originally designed as an ant killer, now scopes says this is false, but I have come to distrust them lately due to their liberal bias, so I figured I would try it out myself.

What I did was get something with aspartame, such as Nutrisweet (I used Sweet-n-Low), near the ant hill. The ants ate it, and I noticed a serious decrease in their numbers.

I cannot say that that my experiment conclusively proves that aspartame kills ants, but I am going to continue to use it, and when the wife points out the ants again, I will set some outside on their trail and let them eat it outside rather than use the house as their drive through.

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