WT on the Backhoe

There really is not anything to this post, I was digging a stump and William wanted to sit with me.  Genny had to take a video and WT wanted it shared. So if you want a see a fat man and a little boy sit on a backhoe and move dirt then have at watching. … Read more

Demolishing a Trailer with a Backhoe


Backhoe Demolishing a Trailer
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I wanted to tear down the trailer in a way that made good use of the lumber, but after almost two years of messing around, I decided to just do it.

The video above shows my backhoe demolishing a trailer.  This was so much easier than knocking boards with a sledgehammer.

Using the backhoe made this a lot more fun.  Additionally it was easier and took minutes instead of weeks.

I don’t have much more to do to finish cleaning the trailer up.

The stopping point now is removing the trash.  A burn permit helped with much of the wood that was not able to be salvaged, and the Sheetrock is being composted down to help amend my soil.

My dad and I also figured out the easiest way to take the deck off the metal frame.

Once the top is cleared off I will show that process.

I can’t wait until the trailer demolishing is completed, as I need the double wide gone before I can build the range and set up the sawmill in a semi-permanent location.

All in all I think a Backhoe Demolishing a Trailer is the way to go.  If I ever have to do this again, this is how I am going to do it.

Operating Techniques for the Tractor Loader Backhoe

Operating Techniques for the Tractor Loader Backhoe
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In trying to develop my homestead, I have had problem after problem with my backhoe.  Granted most of it is because it is a 50 year old machine, but a good deal comes from me not having  clue how to operate it.

That’s where Operating Techniques for the Tractor Loader Backhoe come in.  The book teaches essential pre-operation checks, vital services, and the basics of how to actually dig and trench with a backhoe.

This book was actually designed to be a textbook so each chapter has tests.  It also spends time talking about the one-call system so you won’t disrupt utility lines.

I find this book to be helpful.  While not essential, it will save the new backhoe operator a lot of headaches and time wasted with inefficient movements.

It took me a while to get the movements down to use both hands at the same time to dig a flat and smooth trench.  If I had this book at the time I would have saved hours in learning a relatively simple, yet unobvious technique.

A backhoe is a very useful tool for those wanting to develop land.  It doesn’t move as much land as a bulldozer, but it is more versatile.

Homesteading: I am a New Backhoe Driver

Homesteading: I am a New Backhoe Driver
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I am a New Backhoe Driver.  I finally got around to selling some guns and things and getting me a piece of heavy equipment.  When I bought the machine the dealer showed me some things wrong and told me the machine would be worth almost double if they were fixed.*

They say not everyone can learn to drive a backhoe, but that some are naturals.  I have heard that is you can’t get to thinking about moving in two directions after about 40 hours of operation they you proably won’t ever be able to get it.  I can see that is probably true, but I seem to be progressing nicely.

I started working on the issues and finally got the machine working and this is the first video of me actually using the backhoe.  You can see the first repair in the second video in this post.

In hindsight, as proud as I was about the starter repair, it was nothing compared to working on the hydraulics.

Now that it is working I have to dig some stumps.  I get that a time lapse video of me using a backhoe is probably not exciting to most of you, it is something I am quite proud of.


It has cost me almost double to fix those issues.