Organizing Tip: Bag Storage Adapter

Bag Storage AdapterSince I am always messing around in the kitchen I tend to have all sorts of bits and bags of stuff that I rarely use. I tend to just wad up the top of the bag and stick it in the cupboard (which drives the wife nuts)- I saw this Bag Storage Adapter on pinterest and figured I would have to try it.

It works, so I thought I would share it with you… Continue reading “Organizing Tip: Bag Storage Adapter”

DIY: Messenger Bag Handle

DIY: Messenger Bag Handle
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Being an EDC (everyday carry) kind of guy, especially one that’s a fan of MacGyver and 24, it should be no surprise that I normally carry a messenger bag.  I know its not the coolest thing in the world for a guy to carry a purse, even if it has such nifty names as Jack Pack or Bauer Bag.  My lovely bride calls it my murse a lovely portmanteau of Man-Purse.

This post shows how I used paracord to create a simple Messenger Bag Handle using common paracord weaving techniques. Continue reading “DIY: Messenger Bag Handle”