Esi Hitch Portable Wireless Vehicle Backup Camera Review

Gear Review: Esi Hitch Portable Wireless Vehicle Backup Camera

  #WirelessTrailerCamera Esi Hitch Portable Wireless Vehicle Backup Camera Rear view camera Water Resistant IR Night Vision Camera System Trailer Hitch Rear View with 2.5″ LCD Monitor For RV Trailer Motorhome 5th Wheels Having a lot of trailers to move around and not a lot od space to do it meant I needed a backup … Read more

EsiCam HN03 Wireless Outdoor Bullet Surveillance Camera Review

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Contour Camera Review

Gear Review: Contour Camera
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I recently purchased a contour +2 action camera to use in my video production.  I bought it because it was small, durable, had an external mic jack, streamed wireless to my phone, was water proof, and had a built in GPS.  So it only figures that I would do a post on a Contour Camera Review

When I got it, I found that it was oversold just a little bit – it has an HDMI out port – which they say allows it to be used as a webcam to apple computers – but the laptop I have is HDMI out only, so it will not work to tape my classes.

The video is a little jump as it has a low frame rate, and the lens makes everything look a little walleyed.

However, it comes with a waterproof case for scuba and snorkeling activities, and a bunch of different mounts – if I was using this solely as a gun cam, I would be very happy, as it is smaller and has more features than the go-pro.

Because I wanted a good quality camera with an external mic jack and I wanted to stay under $1000.00 I allowed myself to be taken by all the hoopla around this camera.  I guess sionce I have a waterproof case I can finannyl start working on shooting the Glock underwater…