How to Improvise a Hydraulic Line End Cap


Improvised Hydraulic Line End Cap
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In working on the backhoe I had to keep removing lines and valves.  Unfortunately I had no idea how long the hydraulic shop would take.  I was working with a good, fast, cheap, pick any two mechanic and I choose good and cheap.  Therefore, I had no idea how log the hose lines would be disconnected.

Old tractors use non-detergent oil for hydraulics and that means water in the system causes havok.  I needed a plug but out in the middle of the woods I had to make an improvised end cap.

To make my hydraulic line cap I tried to fit the fingers of thick latex gloves over the lines and tie them in place.

This worked very well for the non-pressurized lines, but on the cylinders under pressure, the back pressure blew my finger caps up like balloons.  Some even popped over time.

If you are going to do this, I would recommend putting the hydraulic cylinders in a non-pressurized position, for a backhoe, that means resting on the ground.  Luckily I also taped the hoses into groups and places the ends of the individual groups inside ziploc bags and taped the bags shut around the line ends, so even the improvised caps that failed did not get water in the line.

How to Make a Bottle Cap Fishing Lure

How to Make a Bottle Cap Fishing Lure


Camping: Bottle Cap Fishing Lure
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I saw this brilliant idea on YouTube and had to share it. A very smart guy figured out how to make a Bottle Cap Fishing Lure out of a discarded beer bottle caps.

He even made a business of recycling buckets of beer caps harvested from local bars until he was sued by beer manufacturers for use of their copy-written logos.

I would link to the website, but it is no longer used as the bottle cap lure guy – it looks like someone else bought it, which is a shame, as the Bottle Cap Fishing Lure is a really cool idea.

All you need is:

  • Beer/Soda bottle top
  • Split rings
  • BB’s or small split shot
  • Treble hook.
  • Tools are simple also:
  • Hammer and small nail/Drill and small bit
  • Pliers


  • Using your fingers, press the sides of the cap until it buckles
  • Before pushing the two ends together, place a couple BB’s or shot into the cavity, so that they can rattle.
  • Carefully drill or punch a hole at either end of the folded cap. It may help to slightly flatten the ends with your pliers.
  • Thread a split ring into each hole
  • Thread a Treble hook into one of the split rings
  • Go fishing…

I would love to post pictures of any catch you have gotten using this piece of DIY fishing tackle.

How to Make a Bottle Cap Candle


DIY: Bottle Cap Candle
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As a byproduct of keeping bees, I have a lot of wax, which lead me into candle making. Simple beeswax candles are very easy to make, last a long time, don’t smoke or leave soot, and make a very clear light. However, they can be large and take up too much space to put in small survival or bug out kits.

Today we will use scrap to make a very small Bottle Cap Candle that fits very well in minimalist kits as well as weighing next to nothing.

All you need to make this small candle is a bit of cotton or other natural fiber string, a metal bottle cap, and some wax.

Put your cap upside down on your working surface, and then place a drip of hot wax in the center of the cap.

Place one end of your string into the wax to set it in place, and then fill the cap up with wax.

Let cool, and put in your emergency kit with a lighter or other simple fire starter.

I don’t know how practical this project is, other than putting in a minimalist survival kit.  I do know that this project is fun to do with a kid.

Contour Camera Review

Gear Review: Contour Camera
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I recently purchased a contour +2 action camera to use in my video production.  I bought it because it was small, durable, had an external mic jack, streamed wireless to my phone, was water proof, and had a built in GPS.  So it only figures that I would do a post on a Contour Camera Review

When I got it, I found that it was oversold just a little bit – it has an HDMI out port – which they say allows it to be used as a webcam to apple computers – but the laptop I have is HDMI out only, so it will not work to tape my classes.

The video is a little jump as it has a low frame rate, and the lens makes everything look a little walleyed.

However, it comes with a waterproof case for scuba and snorkeling activities, and a bunch of different mounts – if I was using this solely as a gun cam, I would be very happy, as it is smaller and has more features than the go-pro.

Because I wanted a good quality camera with an external mic jack and I wanted to stay under $1000.00 I allowed myself to be taken by all the hoopla around this camera.  I guess sionce I have a waterproof case I can finannyl start working on shooting the Glock underwater…