Principles of Personal Defense

Book Review: Principles of Personal Defense
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This new edition of Cooper’s classic Principles of Personal Defense – with a fitting tribute by firearms expert Louis Awerbuck and all-new drawings by renowned illustrator Paul Kirchner – presents his timeless theory of individual defensive behavior clearly, concisely and practically.

All free people who aspire to stay that way should read, study and share the wisdom found within these pages. Considered by many to be one of the greatest books on combat mindset and proper defensive mental conditioning ever written, it deserves a place of honor in every library.

This book was one of the first “gun books” I bought, and some of the thoughts have stayed with me ever sense. Cooper’s discussion of color codes, tactical residential architecture, and the true role of security guards have shaped my thinking as I have grown in the subject.

This is a small book, but it is filled with concepts that any martialist needs to be aware of.

Unfortunately, I was not born soon enough, nor learned about firearms early enough, to have trained under Colonel Cooper.  However, I have worked with many people who have and hold certificates from Thunder Ranch.

I do however, read his work and while some of it has been advanced by science, the mindset portions are as valid now as ever.

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