OilExTech 100A Microwave Essential Oil Distiller Review

  I reviewed the Original OilExTech Microwave Essential Oil Distiller some time ago, and I liked it, but I had a hard time with the ice molds.  So when the company asked if I wanted to try their new advanced model I jumped on the chance. This video is just the unboxing, as right now … Read more

Island Miracles Essential Oil Review

Gear Review: Island Miracles Essential Oil
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I like using essential oils, they work great as aromatherapy to help me unwind after a stressful day.  I also use essential oil to solve problems.  I use lemongrass oil to lure bees into my swarm traps.  I have used tea tree oil extensively as an antiseptic and anti fungal agent.  It is the only thing that works on my chronic ear infections (even though studies do suggest that undiluted tea tree oil is connected to some hearing loss).  I have even used the patchouli oil as an insect repellent.

Essential oil sets can be expensive, or they can contain lesser quality oils – this set was a good value and had good quality oils.  My wife uses these oils more than I do.  I normally just stick with the oils with antibiotic properties, but my wife likes the aroma therepy oils.  Seems like the shower smells of lavender means she had a hard day at work.

When Island essentials offered my this kit in exchange for an honest review, I quickly accepted.  Having a kit of oils makes life easier.  over 700 amazon reviews show this to be a good quality product.  These are pure oils and not just expensive fragrance.  It is a great value and I recommend this set.

Essential Medications to Stockpile

Essential Medications to Stockpile

I am not a doctor, and I am not qualified to give medical advise, I do know something about disasters and how to prepare for disasters. I wanted to share some Essential Medications to Stockpile to help people better manage their prepper resources. I also see people spend way too much time, effort, and resources … Read more