Protection Dogs for You and Your Family

Book Review: Protection Dogs for You and Your Family
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As I said in the video, Protection Dogs for You and Your Family was one of the first “prepper books” in my library – My definition being books that help me solve problems. At one time I was in the running to purchase a Belgian Malinois protection trained dog, and I needed to know what I was getting into.

Obviously if you have dogs, and especially protection dogs, I recommend this book.

I am going to risk being a little controversial and recommend it for parents also, not that I am saying your little precious is a dog, but because I think the book gives great advise on raising young animals to be confident and unafraid, it also shows the value of consistency, and very clearly articulates the essential element of the trainer’s actions and mindset in the training process.

My wife will whoop me if she ever reads this (hi honey- love you), but I follow some of this book’s guidance with little WT and he responds t0 me much better than he does his mother’s discipline, and no one can say I think of WT as anything less than my pride and joy – he is definitely not an animal.

Protection Dogs for You and Your Family is as much about you as your animal, and how you need to be fair, firm, and consistent with your subordinate animals.

Of course if you are looking at getting a bit dog, then make sure your ready, including having a good fence.

Dealing With Family That Doesn’t Understand Prepping

Any person who has begun to seriously prepare has had to make compromises between current wants and future needs, how much to spend on preparations, and how many people to stock supplies for. If you’re married, you need to have a spouse that shares your concerns or you’re going to fight over every no. 10 can the mailman delivers. I don’t need to go into detail on how much you should store, or how to store it or what makes the cut on your list of lists, as has visited this issue in depth. The purpose of this article is to help communicate the need to prepare with those in your family that you want to help without alienating them, or downgrading your own preparedness plans.