Storey’s Basic Country Skills: A Practical Guide to Self-Reliance

Book Review: Storey's Basic Country Skills: A Practical Guide to Self-Reliance
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I am partial to Storey’s books, they are great all around reference books.  While it is not as complete as a book dedicated to a single topic, Basic Country Skills gives basic information on a variety of topics.  Which is great if either your knowledge is limited, and you need to know basics, or you space is limited.  Either way, this is a great book to have in your prepper library.

Inside Storey’s Basic Country Skills: A Practical Guide to Self-Reliance you will find illustrated instructions on topics such as:

  • Finding country land
  • Buying, building, and renovating a home
  • Developing water sources and systems
  • Understanding wiring, plumbing, and heating
  • Using alternative heating and energy sources
  • Vegetable, flower, and herb gardening
  • Traditional cooking skills such as baking bread and making maple syrup
  • Preparing and preserving meat, fruits, and vegetables
  • Building and maintaining barns, sheds, and outbuildings
  • Caring for common farm and ranch animals, and pets

As I said, I really like the Storey books, and I have several of them.  This one and the guide to rabbits are two that I use most often though.  I would recommend any prepper or homesteader look at Storey publishing as their titles are perfect for you.

The Ultimate Ruger 10-22 Manual And Users Guide

Book Review: The Ultimate Ruger 10-22 Manual And Users Guide


Book Review: The Ultimate Ruger 10-22 Manual And Users Guide
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Owning guns isn’t enough – you need to be skillful in their use. If one of the reasons you own a gun is because of your concern that you may need them in a grid down type of disaster, then you might also need to fix them.

To do that you need to know how. The Ultimate Ruger 10-22 Manual is not a gunsmith manual exactly, but it does cover total disassembly, modification, and use.

While I believe the section on machine guns and silencer construction are too vague to be useful ( and don’t tell the entire story on the legal issues of such modifications) the rest of the book is well worth the price.

Just be careful with the modifications, it is easy to go overboard, and each modification contributes to the characteristics of the whole gun – too much is not a good thing, and can cause malfunctions of the firearm.

I don’t own a ruuger 10/22 any longer, but I plan on buying one for my boy.  Right now all he has is a cricket single shot and a bunch of mosin nagants still in cosmoline (I figure when he is old enough for a real gun he is old enough to clean out the cosmoline from it).

In the past I have owned several of these handy little rifles, but besides putting optics on them I never really cared much for modifying them with fancy stocks and the like.  Even though I must admit, I have said if I ever get a nice range I am going to get some and put them in the Gatling gun kits and rent them out.

Preppers Guide to Preparing for Reality

The community of preppers grew in 2008 with the launch of My Patriot Supply as a leading Online resource and retailer helping U.S. citizens prepare for the worst should a natural disaster or ‘doomsday’ scenario occur. The retailer has become a major part of the preppers community over the course of its first decade in … Read more

Harvesting Urban Timber

Book Review: Harvesting Urban Timber
Book Review: Harvesting Urban Timber
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Harvesting Urban Timber explains the importance of harvesting urban trees and how to do so.

Three to four billion board feet of potential lumber is being fed either directly or indirectly into landfills throughout the United States each year.

Case studies illustrate how some cities and counties have reduced waste through the use of urban timber for various projects. Explained in detail are felling, safety, converting trees to sawn lumber, how to hire a sawyer, how to season the wood, sawing for figure, and what types of trees are worth harvesting.

Also described are the various uses for the timber, including use by the home craftsman or to build park benches or bumper strips. Each alternative use is illustrated through case studies of several municipalities and their respective programs of urban timber utilization.

As an owner of a small portable sawmill I can’t afford to buy logs, this book helps me find trees to make the lumber I need to do the projects I need to do. Harvesting Urban Timber is a great book for homesteaders and prepsteaders.  I highly recommend it.

Harvesting Urban Timber explains the importance of harvesting urban trees and how to do so.

Management of Aggressive Behavior

Management of Aggressive Behavior
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Management of Aggressive Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide to Learning How to Recognize, Reduce, Manage, and Control Aggressive Behavior by Roland Ouellette can enable you to recognize and identify signs of aggressive behavior.

Once properly identified, you may then effectively manage this behavior.

You can learn ways to manage aggressive individuals and improve your personal safety! This paperback is more than just a book — it is a comprehensive strategy that you can use in virtually every aspect of your life.

Now that I work back in the prison, I need tools to manage behavior.  Verbal Judo, Cognitive behavior therapy and other tools are used to maintain a safe and secure prison with a minimum of force.

Management of Aggressive Behavior gives the reader some workable tools to deal with aggressive individuals.

It works well in a correction setting, but the tools will also work in a school, bar, or workplace.

Its nice to have tools other than guns to deal with situations.  I have dealt with hundreds of situations involving potential violence where I had to talk to a person, but only one where I had to draw a gun.

To me that means I should prepare much more in the mental and social skills of aggression than is commonly done.