The Little House Books Boxed Set

The Little House Books Boxed Set
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I grew up watching the Little House on the Prairie.  I also had access to the Little House Books Boxed Set.

The books had so much more information than what was available on TV.

Reading these books were a joy to me as a child.  If I took time to think about it, they probably did a lot to influence me as an adult.  One thing I looked forward to when I found my wife was pregnant was reading these with my child.  William is almost old enough to enjoy reading this little house box set with me.  I know I am excited to one day get to share these stories with him.

These books, La’mour westerns, and My Side of the Mountain are all things that I dearly want to share with him.

I would imagine that many children would enjoy and benefit from reading these books.   Actually, I think all children would benefit from reading almost any book with their parents.

I don’t want to go back to the “good ole days” as I like air conditioning and antibiotics, but I do have some nostalgia for simpler times, and do learn a lot about how our early pioneers did things.

How to Install Windows in a Tiny House

How to Install Windows in a Tiny House


Installing Windows in a Tiny House
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In this post we show installing windows in a storage shed turned tiny house.  I am by no means a carpenter, and the owner of the house is even worse.  But we do manage to install some weatherproof windows salvaged from the trailer.

The windows are about the only thing we were able to salvage from the trailer, and not because we demolished it with a backhoe, but because it building was in such rough shape.

The first thing we did when we started installing windows was to add bracing to frame an opening a little larger than the window we were installing.

After we boxed in the window, we cut out the siding using a reciprocal saw.  This made the opening.

I had to scrape off the old tar weather stripping from the windows before we could install the salvaged windows, but once the frame was clean the new window slid right into the frame.

Next we leveled the window and attached it to the frame.

The next step was to add a rubber weatherstrip around the frame so water would not get into the tiny house.

The last part was to nail up molding over the weather striping.  We used wide 1x boards because we liked the looks.

As you can see the windows are functional and do their job pretty well.

Wiring Tiny House and Talking


Wiring Tiny House
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This is a very old video I found while clearing out my computer storage. Its James, Smitty, and I Wiring Tiny House and Talking.

Basically I am wiring an outlet, but after that is done we just gab and talk.  Warning I am not an electrician (duuuh) so please keep that in mind.  Additionally, there is some rough talk and a few curse-words so please be mindful if you have kids.

Only the first 2 minutes actually talk anything about wiring outlets in a tiny house, the rest we just talk about the Marines and Jetty Springer’s West Virginia Ninja.

Mostly its just a couple of guys talking while doing wiring.

I share a story of a fist fight I had once at the main traffic circle of Camp Lejeune NC and how I have mellowed with age.  Nobody believes that I used to be much wilder or prone to physical violence.  Just like no one believe I know how to start Wiring Tiny House outlets.

Wiring outlets is not hard, and if you have some guidance and somebody to inspect your work to prevent electrical fires just about anyone can do the work.  If you have cost issues, find an electrician to give you some tips and check your work.  It may only cost some beer.

Glock: Somebody Picked the Wrong House

Glock: Somebody Picked the Wrong House

Somebody Picked the Wrong House
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This is a cool Glock video that features a thug who just has a hard time picking victims.  It is always better for a criminal to pick the wrong house and being dealt with appropriately than finding a house with defenseless homeowners who become victims.

Now since somebody picked the wrong house in this video, the characters in the commercial will help him find a new job – probably one making license plates or pulling lead out of himself.

Now realize I don’t think crime is funny, and I sure don’t think violence is funny, but I do enjoy it when the good guy wins.

Enjoy this Glock commercial.  I added it because I thought it was a pretty cool and creative commercial.  I liked it so much that I put other commercials in the same series to share them with you.

As I went back to edit this 2 years later I found that Glock made much more commercials in this series, so I guess that more people enjoy seeing the wrong house, wrong taxi, wrong guy, wrong convenience store than just me.  I hope you enjoy these videos and continue to visit my website.