Kitchen DIY: Cooking Pizza in a Pie Iron

Kitchen DIY: Cooking Pizza in a Pie Iron
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Pie IronThis is a fun “camping” recipe that kids of vast range of ages can make themselves with little adult supervision.

While being a easy favorite for kids, cooking with a pie iron is infinitely adaptable you can use it with eggs and sausage to make a breakfast meal, eat it for lunch or dinner, use pizza dough, biscuit dough, or sliced bread – or even use apples and sugar to make it a dessert.

As with many of my projects, once you learn the technique you can take it and make it your own special recipe.


  • 2 pieces of bread per pizza
  • Butter
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Dried Italian Seasoning (Oregano)
  • Garlic Salt
  • Topping
    • pepperoni, pre-cooked sausage, hamburger, whatever you want – or just make a cheese pizza


  • Pie iron
    • Unless it’s just for one or two people, one pie iron is never enough.
  • Campfire gloves
  • Knife
  • Spatula


  1. Heavily butter one side of each piece of bread
    • For biscuit dough and pizza crust dough – heavily butter the pie iron instead.
    • Pull biscuit dough until it is flattened out to fit the inside of the pie iron – use 1 biscuit for each side
    • For pizza crust: butter the pie iron, lay the dough inside one half of the pie iron, with an equal portion hanging over, then fold the back over the toppings before closing pie iron
  1. Generously spread pizza sauce on one side of bread/biscuit/dough – to suit your taste.
  2. Add shredded cheese, and toppings if used.
  3. Spread pizza sauce on the other piece of bread/biscuit, or flap of pizza crust.
  4. Season with oregano and garlic salt, then close pie iron.
  5. For pizza crust – fold flap in, over cheese and toppings first.
  6. Trim off any excess ingredients sticking out of the closed iron.
  1. Cook over medium coals, or low campfire flame.
    • For bread pizza: after three minutes, rotate pie iron and cook for four more minutes.
    • For biscuit and pizza dough: rotate after four minutes, and cook for five more minutes
    • These are only approximate times. Use your own judgment and keep in mind that pie irons can be closed and re-cooked if you want more them more well-done, but you cannot “un burn” pizza.
  2. Open pie irons and use a spatula to remove pizza.

CAUTION! Pie irons will be very hot. AND, the insides of the just-cooked pizza will be very hot! Do not let young kids try to handle them until they have time to cool – which should only be a few minutes.

How to Make a Small DIY Log Arch Out of Black Iron Pipe


Homesteading: Small DIY Log Arch
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This article shows an experiment I did to create a small DIY log arch out of black iron pipe.

In order to move logs around by hand and by myself I needed some mechanical advantage.

Within the sawmill and timber industries log arches are a pretty common way to move logs.   At it’s simplest a log arch is just a fulcrum on wheels.

It is rolled over a log and the log is winched up into it so that one 9or both ends) are suspended allowing less friction on the ground.

Log arches tend to cost $1000 or more so DIY arches are common.  However, large arches the size I really need require welding skills I simply do not have yet.

Looking at what was available I decided I would build a small log arch using black iron pipe to see if it was feasible to do so before investing in the larger pipe to make the log arch I needed.

Constructing the ArchSmall DIY Log Arch

  • I found that I could piece together fittings and that 3/4 bolts would screw into pipe elbows.
  • So I bolted two wheels into two elbows
  • I then screwed those elbows into 1 foot pipe nipples
  • Next, I ran them into 90 degree elbows and connected the two sides with a T.
  • In the T went another 1 foot pipe elbow that I could slide a large piece of conduit into to give leverage.

Just screwing the pipes together did not work, as when weight was put on the contraction all the connections twisted.

Small DIY Log ArchI went back to the house and used my cheap harbor freight welder to tack all the connections together.

The welding helped and I could use this to pull logs around the homestead.

I haven’t tried this with large logs and I haven’t got around to doing it with the larger pipe.

In all honesty I really want to either learn how to really weld or find a friend who has a shop so I can build a true log arch.

Until then my small DIY log arch will have to do.

Recipe Waffle Iron Chicken

52 Unique Techniques for Stocking Food for Prepper
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While messing around on youtube I found the neatest youtube channel from a guy named meatmangary.

He had a couple of cool videos that I took and modified to try something new.

Basically the Meat Man cooked a cheeseburger using his waffle iron – since I had played with my waffle iron to make hashbrowns. I wanted to try this, however, since Gary had already done the cheeseburger I wanted to try something new.

What came to my mind was Chicken and Waffles…

This is my attempt at Waffle Iron Chicken

Would cooking ground chicken on the waffle iron and eating with syrup and waffle taste as good as it sounds.

Simple answer – yes…

What is important is to well oil the waffle iron, be patient and let it cook through before opening, and to make sure you don’t over-cook the chicken.

My wife liked this recipe and told me it’s something to make again – besides that – it is easy and doesn’t need a lot of cleanup.

This is an awesome recipe.  I loved it, it was simple, and it was cool.  Of course what I think cool is not what most would think was cool.

Chicken and Waffles…..