Kitchen DIY: Meatloaf in a Springform Pan

Meatloaf in a Springform Pan
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This was a kitchen experiment, it worked well, even though an experienced chef may say “Why”?

There really was no reason to try to cook meatloaf in a springform pan other than my wife learned I needed a springform pan to make cheesecake and then went on a diet after the first cheesecake.

I have to use the pan for something, and I thought if I use a springform pan for meatloaf, then removing the meatloaf would be easy.

This worked pretty well, but the typical meatloaf method of making a sling to lift out the meatloaf after cooking works well also.

In actuality I would rather post a video of an awesome cheesecake recipe, but they are an item I am forbidden to cook – so I wait until the wife leaves and clean up all the evidence.

I can only write about it here because she never reads this…..

I know this is probably a pointless post, but on this website I do what I do and post the results no matter if it works or not.  I figure if I show my failures and bad ideas you can see I am real.

This may be pointless and silly but its not pointless and silly if it works.