Recipe: Mason Lid Tart

Mason Lid Tart

Getting into canning means you end up with a lot of Mason jar lids, being a DIY orientated person causes me to look for solutions to problems using materials at hand. Now to be honest, making tarts is not a huge life problem for me, but after the tuna can cake I thought I would … Read more

Mason Jar Straw Lid Review


Gear Review: Mason Jar Straw Lid
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My wife got into a no BPA phase, and since I agree that BPA is bad when ingested, and I love buying new gadgets I jumped with her and landed with both feet in the gadget aisle of the store.

We started using glass mason jars for all sorts of stuff, from salad containers, to salt shakers, to cup (well I am Southern so mason jar glasses is not new).

One thing we found is a Mason Jar Straw Lid.  This was awesome as the boy loves drinking out of a straw.

Actually, he mostly likes blowing bubbles in his milk through a straw.  However, the lid keeps the bubbles in the jar.

How to Make a Mason Jar Lid Cut from a Orange Juice Container

Better DIY Mason Jar Lid
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I am always in search of ways to make food storage easier, recently I shared a tip for making a mason jar lid from things in the kitchen.  It was a good tip, but this one is a little better.

Today we show a DIY mason jar lid cut from a orange juice container.  It makes poring simpler, and is an all around better tip.  As Genny says in the video, we saw this on survival blog and wanted to share.

I tend to visit Survival Blog very often, and Rawles even wrote the introduction to one of my books.

This is not the first mason jar tip we have shown.

We also used the top of a salt container as a lid.  Something else that works well is the top off of a Parmesan lid.  It is interesting and useful to note that many grocery tops are interchangeable is you are paying attention.  Mayonnaise jar lids are also pretty close to the threads on a mason jar.

We have also bought different types of lids from jars that had fruit infusers, to sprouting holes, places to hold straws.  The mason jar is an ingenious invention, and that product has been improved by all the different lids created for it.

Review Mason Jar Sprouting Lid

Review Mason Jar Sprouting Lid

Review Mason Jar Sprouting Lid
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Since wheat is such a large part of my food storage plan, I try to sprout it occasionally to keep my family accustomed to the taste and texture of different ways to eat bulk wheat.

One of the problems I have when I sprout is not straining the wheat properly and having a white mold grow in my sprouting jar.

When I saw a $5 Mason Jar Sprouting Lid on Amazon I thought I would try it.

This lid made sprouting using mason jars much easier – I could fill and drain the jar without having to take the lid off –

It was much simpler than my old method of using a piece of cheesecloth and a rubber band.

It is also easier to clean – and I imagine that it will last as long as I will.

For those that don’t want to use a store-bought solution – I imagine you could drill a bunch of 1/8 inch holes in a plastic mayonnaise jar lid.

Sprouting is a great way to get more nutrients and use out of seeds, and seeds are generally easier to store than many other foods, so I feel that this is a win.

However, if you don’t want to buy a lid like this, I think you could probably improvise a mason jar sprouting lid using a Parmesan cheese lid.

Organization Tip: Mason Jar Salt Lid

Organization Tip: Mason Jar Salt Lid
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The Parmesan cheese lid article was so popular I figured I would show you a similar tip for wide mouth jars.  I present to you the mason jar salt lid tip.

The top of a 26 ounce salt container just happens to be the same size as a wide mouth mason jar.

The top and the bottom are formed, with the body being wound around them.

If you feel the container, you will feel a “lip”.  If you carefully cut the top along this lip – you can press it down over the top of a wide mouth mason jar and screw the ring over it.

This isn’t as easy as some of the other lid tips I have shared with you, but it is a good way to store opened salt.

As I said in the video, I only use this mason jar salt lid for containers I have already opened – but it does make it easier to store salt without it getting moist and hardening.

I used this the other day after a snow storm – I used some stored salt in these containers to try to remove some stubborn ice spots since I took all my shovels to the land.  I know that table salt is not the same as road salt, but the work similarly (just more expensively) – it worked though and I could get to work.