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Grill Master Gloves Review

Gear Review: Grill Master Gloves
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I have had a good time lately reviewing products, I get to play with stuff I normally would not buy and I get to share my opinions with you.  These grill master gloves are no exception.

I probably would not have bought these gloves on my own, but after cooking with them, I realized how much I was missing.

These gloves are thick and sturdy.  They are a little tight on my large hands, but they are surprisingly comfortable.  They make cooking with my cast iron skillet much easier.

Grill master gloves do not compare to regular oven mitts – you have the dexterity to work without taking them off, and the gripping ridges give a good hold on heavy cast iron pans or grills.

Since they are rated to above 900 degrees Fahrenheit, you could even use them in casting lead (however if you are going to do that buy another pair as food and lead should only meet at during hunting season.

I did get these Grill Master Gloves at reduced cost in exchange for an honest review, but based on the quality and how useful they are, when I wear these out, I will buy myself another set.