Home Cheese Making

Book Review: Home Cheese Making
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Some of my first online videos dealt with me experimenting with home cheese making, and I get a lot of questions about making cheese. I am no expert in making cheese. Ricki Carroll, the author of this book, is an expert.

She is a pioneer in home cheese making, when she started the only way to get cheesemaking cultures and other ingredients were to purchase items packaged for factories, and I doubt someone who wants to try their hand at making cheese would start out buying a 20 pound bag of culture, when each recipe only takes ounces….

Ricki saw a need, and began repackaging these bulk purchases into smaller, consumer sized packages. This lead to many people ask her questions – and this lead to her book.

This book is one of the first things a aspiring cheesemaker should purchase. It is clearly illustrated, and plainly written. It gives step by step recipes, tips, and techniques to make many types of cheese.

If you are a prepper, homesteader, small scale goat herder, concerned about factory dairy production, foodie, or just interested in making cheese, then this is a very valuable resource.

Making Cheese, Butter & Yogurt

How to Wax Hard Cheese
Book Review: Making Cheese, Butter & Yogurt
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Making Cheese, Butter & Yogurt is a pamphlet from Story Publishing and Ricki Carroll.

It is a great first book to introduce you to making food products out of milk.

This is a small pamphlet, but it has some great information. I keep it open next to the stove as I make these products.

I think every prepper and every homesteader should have all of the Story Publishing booklets in their library.  They are small inexpensive, and full of just the right amount of information to allow you to do useful things.

I bought Making Cheese, Butter & Yogurt on a visit to the Ready Made Resources homestead, and when I got back to middle Tennessee, I immediately used it in some cheese making projects.

Obviously as a small booklet, it does not have the same amount of material as found in the Ricki Carroll home cheese making book, but it is also smaller and more easily used while working in the kitchen.  I am much more ready to keep this book next to the stove, as a few drops of milk or other ingredients on this inexpensive book does not bother me as much as my larger cheese books.