Who gave you the right to take my Guns from me


Who gave you the right?
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I love Steve Lee and the Lees, my son grew up (and still grows up) dancing to “I like guns”, but while the Lees have some whimsical songs that are fun to listen to, they also have some very powerful ideals behind their music.

Steve Lee gives a monologue before the music video to “Who gave you the right to take my Guns from me”

His words give valuable insight into the core reason behind the assault on our Gun rights.

If we allow ourselves to have this crucial civil liberty stolen from us then we will have no ability to protect our other rights.

There is already a concerted effort to erode our other fundamental rights in t he name of state security.

It should be so self evident that we have a right to defend ourselves, our families, our country, and our way of life that gun control should never even be thought off – but as the video shows this is not the case because most people choose to love by feelings.

For me I ask – Who gave you the right to try to take my rights?  I know I did not agree to this.

She don’t like guns – Steve Lee

She don't like guns

She don't like guns - Steve Lee
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I love Steve Lee love songs…  My favorite is I like guns, but this one is pretty good.  I share it because I think many of us are in the same place.  We like guns, and we love out partners, but she don’t like guns.

Luckily while my wife isn’t a gun person, she loves me.  Because of this she puts up with my personality and the guns that keep appearing in the house.

More importantly, she understands where I am coming from and is supportive as I share the American gun culture with our son.

Obviously you can love someone that is not a clone of yourself, people disagree, and my wife believes things that I don’t.  But a mutual respect allows those disagreements to be dealt with in a postivie manner.

For us, Genny goes shooting with me, and she enjoyed it, but she does not love it, so after she learned the basics of firearm safety she gradually stopped going to the range.

That’s fine, because I did the same with trips to her mothers…  All joking aside.  The song She don’t like gun’s celebrates mutual respect and how a person can live with someone they don’t always agree with as long as the base is their.

I like Guns – Steve Lee

I like Guns - Steve Lee
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I love Steve Lee love songs…

I like guns was the first song I have heard from Steve Lee and the Lees, it is also still my favorite.

Not only do I love the song “I like Guns” but my boy does too.  I have a video of him dancing to this song and acting like a wild man.

He actually asks for the song.  He dances, but he also like holding his toy and acting like he was shooting as they did on the video.

I like them, My boy like them, and we both like Steve Lee’s song I Like Guns.

I hope you enjoy the video, both official music video as well as my son’s tribute video to the song.

If you don’t like firearms that’s okay, no judgements, but really they are tools so I don’t understand the hate.  Especially when you look at the root and realize that most gun guys don’t love guns, they love what they stand for and what they protect.  At least that is where I come from.  I like guns, but I love that I can use them to protect my family, my country, and my way of life.