Everyday Carry Items for the Connected Individual


Everyday Carry Items for the Connected Individual is about electronics and connectivity.  In the post below you will see all manner of portable chargers, cables, adapters, small electronic devices, and things that make the modern technophile’s life easier. I never seem to have the right charging cable, adapter or memory card when I am out … Read more

Giant Moso Bamboo Seeds

https://youtu.be/I2wliU4pvoo   I ordered some moso bamboo from babiesrhere. I got exactly what I ordered, but it took forever.  It took so long that I forgot how much I paid for the seeds.  That it why I quoted a crazy price on the video.  These seeds are not $50, more like $10 after shipping, but … Read more

Homeland Insecurity

Every day, busy Americans scurry about attending to the needs of daily life. With pressures of family and work, most don’t have the time it takes to think about let alone fully understand the vast government bureaucracy that they trust to take care of everything else that affects them. This bureaucracy remains cloaked behind a … Read more