Home Workshop Explosives

Book Review: Home Workshop Explosives
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I like to joke (not really a joke, but more of gallows humor) that I am on several “lists” due to my eclectic and controversial book purchases.*

However, as I used to tell my college kids (in intro to terrorism) if you don’t know the bad guy tactics then you can never hope to catch them. you will hear more about that when I get around to reviewing The Monkey Wrench Gang, The Mini-manual of the Urban Guerrilla, and Turner Diaries,

The author claims to be a chemical engineer, but I cannot verify that due to his use of an alias, I do know that the majority of his books are written toward clandestine drug labs, and are unofficial “required” reading within the DEA. I don’t know anything about drugs, but I can say that this book is a lot better than the majority of available explosive books.

In my experience, if someone mentions the “anarchist cookbook” in a discussion about energetic materials, you need to stop talking to that person because A. He is a moron, B. He doesn’t know anything, but thinks he does, C. Even the author of the “cookbook” admitted pretty much every thing in the book will get you killed (he wrote it in high school and later realized how stupid he was as).

As “Uncle Fester” admits in his book, making some explosive compounds is easy, it was “common” to make nitroglycerine on a kitchen stove in the late 1800’s, but if you don’t totally understand the chemistry, you can blow yourself up. What I like about this book is the “how not to blow yourself up” tips.
I do not have personal first hand knowledge from following the procedures in this book because without proper licensing it is highly illegal to do so. BUT, from my training and research I believe that the procedures would work, and that they are as safe as can be outside of a lab, using chemicals illicitly procured – which means – if you buy this book and try to make this stuff you will probably get arrested or blow yourself up (or both).

However, from a first amendment perspective, having this knowledge available is priceless.

*having mentioned explosives, terrorism, the first amendment, and the turner diaries together on one page has probably put me on another damn list…

not to mention the words, illicit, chemical, DEA, drug manufacture, and clandestine lab…. Crap, I did it again…

Homemade Contrivances and How to Make Them

Book Review: Homemade Contrivances and How to Make Them
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The traditional American devices contained in this intriguing compilation date from an era long before milking machines, pesticide sprayers, and industrial hay bailers.

Yet the simple inventions described for doing everything from managing young bulls to protecting drain outlets can be just as useful for today’s farmer as they were for the homesteaders of over a century ago.

Discover how to make such items as a movable nest for hens, a ribless boat, a contraption to extricate a mired animal, a farm cart with adjustable racks for larger loads, a wire fence tightener, a fruit picker, a grindstone set and frame, and much more.

Homemade Contrivances and How to Make Them is a boon for the rancher, farmer, or anyone who loves the rural life.  I like using this book to do research on homestead solutions from the past.  I then use this information and combine it with modern techniques and materials to create something even better.

This is a pretty great book, the fence tightener works with electric fence, and the movable chicken coop is something I really need to make.

Nowdays a single plan for one of the things in this book can cost more than the entire document.  Its well worth the price.

Makeshift Workshop Skills

Book Review: Makeshift Workshop Skills
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In today’s high-tech society, even the most advanced devices and systems are not failsafe. Tools can break or wear out, batteries can go dead, and all sorts of malfunctions can render the modern conveniences we rely on totally useless. If quick replacements of failed items are not readily available, the ability to improvise and adapt in the workshop suddenly becomes very practical.

James Ballou, author of the best-selling Long-Term Survival in the Coming Dark Age, dramatically expands on the popular home workshop material in his first book to present a “makeshifter’s” way of building and repairing things with only a pile of raw or salvaged materials, your hands and your mind. In this fascinating new book, he presents a wide range of unconventional, remarkably creative home workshop skills, including:

• HOMEMADE TOOLS—Make your own hammers, drills, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, saws, files, chisels, vises, clamps . . .

• EXPEDIENT REPAIRS—Perform sturdy repairs with ordinary glue, tape, cord, wire, dowels, nuts and bolts . .

• MAKESHIFT CONSTRUCTION—Construct all sorts of functional items out of coat hangers, old car parts, 2 x 4s, wooden dowels, nails, rebar, coffee cans . . .

• USEFUL PROJECTS—Build a homemade forge out of an old barbeque; handle simple soldering jobs with a road flare; perform quick weld repairs with car batteries, jumper cables, and a pair of pliers . . .

Ballou also gives extensive instruction in makeshift metalworking, practical calculating skills, resourceful salvaging, plus dozens of practical tips for the craftsman or handyman who might need this information in an emergency or who simply enjoys learning about alternative ways to handle home workshop projects.  Makeshift Workshop Skills is a great book.

Home Workshop Guns Vol V the AR-15

Book Review: Home Workshop Guns Vol V the AR-15
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Like the earlier Home Workshop Guns for Defense & Resistance, Vol. 2 – the Handgun, the latest volume in this popular and timely series offers detailed instructions, complete with photos and machinist’s drawings, for making a pistol-caliber AR-15/M16 entirely from raw materials, as either a rifle or pistol, open or closed bolt and in semi or full auto.

I have put together several AR-15’s from stripped lowers and parts kits, and find that it is much cheaper to do it yourself, I also find that by putting your own rifle together from scratch you understand it.

This book tells how to build your own AR-15 lower from square pipe.  This lower can either be used with a commercial upper receiver, or you can go deeper into the Home Workshop Guns manual to build your own AR upper also.

These types of books are rapidly becoming non-politically correct, which is all the more reason for owning them.  I do not advocate breaking federal law by constructing homemade machine guns, but I do advocate knowing how.  During the Britich Bombings during WWI the country was unable to supply enough weapons to gear up for war, but bicycle shops and home workshops started mass producing sten guns.  The security of a free state depends on the populace being able to construct these machines in the event of invasion.