What Is a Chainsaw Wrench


Gear Review: Chainsaw Wrench
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There is a neat Instructables article that combines several things that you can use a chainsaw wrench for besides working on chainsaws. I have to admit, before I started all this DIY stuff I had one of these tools in my tool box and used it to open paint cans because I did not know what it was for.

The author of the Instructables post and I agree, this is a very useful tool. A chainsaw wrench is small, lightweight, cheap, and versatile.
It combines a screwdriver with two box wrenches.

I don’t think I would take it over my knife if I had to choose just ONE tool, but it does do a lot of things, and with the screwdriver coming off perpendicularly to the wrench tube, it would make a formidable punching weapon.

Once I figured out what the tool was actually for, and how useful it was – I started finding them all over the place in old tool boxes and junk I acquired over the years.  I now carry one of these in all my vehicles, in multiple tool boxes, and most especially all of the chainsaw gearboxes I have.

There really isn’t much to say about these cool pieces of equipment other than they are definitely a good piece of gear.