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Tappan on Survival

Book Review: Tappan on Survival
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Tappan on Survival is one of the greatest books ever written on practical survival is back in print for the next generation of self-reliant citizens!

Mel Tappan was the godfather of the modern preparedness movement, and this classic collection of his writings is an indispensable resource for information on how to develop a survival mind-set, identify the best survival locations, store food, maintain communications, select firearms and much more.

A new foreword by Bruce Clayton, himself an important figure in the preparedness movement after the publication of his book Life After Doomsday in 1980, describes the unique appeal of Tappan’s writings and personality, puts Tappan’s role in the survivalist movement in historical perspective and explains why his work is still highly relevant today.

Some of this material is dated, but some things never change – food,water,shelter, and security are just as important now as when Tappan wrote this survival manual.  I feel it is important to learn from the classics as well as the modern preparedness books if you want to be well rounded.

There is a reason this book is back in print – and that is because Tappan on Survival is worth the time to read.

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