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How to Setup a Camping Tarp in the Woods


Easy Tarp Setup for Camping
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I needed a semi-permanent shelter out on the land as James and I went about clearing the trash from the land.  I did not want to spend any money.  Additionally, I did not want to take a lot of time messing around as time on the property is limited.  Since Tarps are cheap and plentiful we decided on a tarp setup.

All we did was string a taut center-line between two trees,.  Next, we spread the tarp over the line.  Then we created cord tie-outs from the corners out to other trees to finish the tarp setup.

I set up the tarp so that the 4 corners are pretty high when it is in use.  However, when I leave to go back to work, I can take two corners and drop them much lower so that rain does not collect.

This setup works pretty well, and we have had a couple of good thunderstorms over the past month and I am very pleased.

In conclusion, I would say a  trap and a length of rope are bush craft essentials and you can build a shelter anywhere.  A tarp setup is extremely adjustable you can adjust to almost any situation.  One tree, two trees, no trees, it can all work with a little thought and some rope.

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