Free PDF: TC 9-56 SKS Rifle Simonov Type 56 Firearm Manual

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TC 9-56 SKS Rifle Simonov Type 56 Firearm Manual is a US Army Training Circular on the common SKS rifle.

This soviet designed weapon was very popular with preppers and survivalists in the 1980’s and 1990’s because it was imported in the hundreds of thousands and was very inexpensive to purchase.

Not only was the gun cheap, the ammunition was also.  Changes to regulations has made the ammunition more expensive, but there are still a lot of these old rifles around.

One big modification many SKS owners do is to convert the internal magazine to take external ak-47 magazines.

I have never done this myself, but I will share a link to one manufacturer of such conversions.

I don’t know the company, and I have no financial interest in their product.

Due to the commonality of this type of rifles, all preppers should have familiarity with basic safety, loading, and firing of these guns.  At least in my opinion.

As you can tell, I am not the only training with the idea of battlefield pickup.

TC 9-56 SKS Rifle Simonov Type 56

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