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Teaching Women to Shoot

Book Review: Teaching Women to Shoot
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Teaching Women to Shoot is a book I use in every firearm class I teach.

Vicki Farnam’s husband is well known in the firearm world, but she is a great instructor in her own right.

This book really opened my eyes as an instructor and taught me how to deal with the realities of training men and women shooters.

There are psychological, physiological and sociological differences between the genders. One is not better than the other- but there are differences, and since most of the techniques of instruction, holsters, stances, grip sizes were all designed by men for men – it was interesting to see a female perspective.

If you are an instructor then you really should read this book at least once.

The way Vicki Farnam writes illustrates points clearly and shows a unique understanding of issues concerning gear, mindset, and training.  If I could make this required reading for new firearm instructors I would.

This book has made me better able to Teaching Women to Shoot, which also helped me in carry permit classes where we have couple come in – it helps me understand the dynamic and the differences going through the heads of the two genders as I run the class.

It could be that I am just dense, but this book really opened my eyes to a different way of thinking.

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