The Art of Splitting Stone

The Art of Splitting Stone

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The Art of Splitting Stone is a detailed study of the history, tools, and methods used to split, hoist, and transport quarried stone in pre-industrial New England (1630-1825).

It is an invaluable resource for historians, archaeologists, and stone masons interested in identifying, dating, or experimenting with early stone splitting and quarrying methods.

The amateur researcher and avid outdoors person will find the book useful as a field guide to identifying split boulders and stone quarries abandoned in the woods.

I bought this book for the information on how to split rock, not for the history, and was not disappointing.

Knowing how out pre-industrial revolution ancestors did things prepares us to do those same things if we ever loose our technological ability.

At my land, I may not have the benefits of modern heavy equipment even if I know they exist- the same with explosives or other methods of quarrying stone.

It is books like this that allow me to meld modern technology with older skills so I can make do with my limited resources.

I am interested in mining and tunneling, and you would be surprised at how little information is available to do that without the use of modern explosives.


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