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The Blacksmith’s Craft

The Blacksmith’s Craft contains everything you need to know to make and repair your own metal tools, household items, hardware, or farm equipment.

It is full of simple and clear instructions, supplemented by step-by-step photography, and shows how to build a forge, make or acquire tools, and use those tools to create items of lasting beauty and durability.

In my opinion the ability to shape metal is what caused Humans to grow into societies and develop technology.  Blacksmiths have, for centuries, been the cornerstone of society.

While blacksmiths is no longer an essential function in a modern town, someone with the metal working skill to make and repair metal objects is still vital to the operation of industry in said town.

I find The Blacksmith’s Craft to be one of the better beginning blacksmith books, and I have learned a lot from it.  Between it and The Complete Modern Blacksmith, most beginner smiths can have a good start

While I think Weyger’s Complete Modern Blacksmith is more useful as a single book (which is unfair as it is actually three books combined) – I did get a lot of useful information from the Blacksmith’s Craft.

As a prepper, I think having books on essential skills is vital.  You won’t have the internet after a collapse.  As a guy though, I  think blacksmithing is awesome.  I suck at it, but I do love beating on hot metal and bending it to my will.

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