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The Book of the Greenhouse

Today’s PDF is entitled The Book of the Greenhouse by JC Takkack F.R.H.S.

From the editor of this Handbook of Practical Gardening:

This book, like the other books in the present series, is the work of a practical gardener, Mr Tallack having been engaged in horticultural work during most of his adult life. Born a Cornishman, he served his apprenticeship in the once celebrated gardens of Canon Philpotts, of Porthquidden, where the glass department was a feature. Having gained further experience at Wymyard Park, Durham, Luton Hoo Park, Bedfordshire, and elsewhere, he obtained his first headgardenership at Prideaux Place, Padstow, where he effected many improvements.

Having meanwhile been engaged for two years in landscape-work with Messrs. Veitch, he then for twelve years took charge of the gardens at Livermere Park,Suffolk.  He is now in command of the well known midland garden at Shipley Hall, Derby, in which the glass houses are many and important.

For some years Mr Tallack lectured on Horticulture under the Suffolk County Council, and he has been a regular contributor to The Garden and other gardening papers for the past twenty years. He is an enthusiastic gardener, and has been awarded the Knightian and Banksian medals of the Royal Horticultural Society.

The Editor acknowledges with thanks the courtesy of Messrs. Veitch, the distinguished florists of the Royal Exotic Nursery, Chelsea, in permitting the illustration of their plants, Maranta Major and Dracaena, the Sirdar ; and also the kindness of Messrs Messenger, the well known horticultural builders of Loughborough, for per- mission to illustrate some of their structural work.

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