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The Government Can


The Government Can
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I find Tim Hawkins to be a talented and funny man. I enjoy his music, especially this video “the government can”.  It reminds me that a government that can give you anything to you can take everything from you.

Personally I would rather have a limited government with a strong sens that their role is simply to punish theft and violent crime, protect us from foreign intrusion, and mange patents and copyrights and take care of everything else myself or through contracting in a free market.

What scares me is that there are people that think that the government can and should do everything for everybody – this scares me because the government cannot produce anything.  It exists from the power to take.

The government can tax, and I have no problem paying my share, and I do not want children or the disabled to go hungry, but I bristle at the idea that because I work – it is fair to take money from my household to pay those who choose not to work.

I eat chicken thighs and cheap hamburger while my taxes pay for foodstamps so that the “less fortunate” can afford to eat steak, good whiskey, cigarettes, and drugs.

Just because the government can, doesn’t mean it should.

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