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The Little House Books Boxed Set

The Little House Books Boxed Set
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I grew up watching the Little House on the Prairie.  I also had access to the Little House Books Boxed Set.

The books had so much more information than what was available on TV.

Reading these books were a joy to me as a child.  If I took time to think about it, they probably did a lot to influence me as an adult.  One thing I looked forward to when I found my wife was pregnant was reading these with my child.  William is almost old enough to enjoy reading this little house box set with me.  I know I am excited to one day get to share these stories with him.

These books, La’mour westerns, and My Side of the Mountain are all things that I dearly want to share with him.

I would imagine that many children would enjoy and benefit from reading these books.   Actually, I think all children would benefit from reading almost any book with their parents.

I don’t want to go back to the “good ole days” as I like air conditioning and antibiotics, but I do have some nostalgia for simpler times, and do learn a lot about how our early pioneers did things.

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