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The Nursery Manual

The Nursery Manual is a PDF copy of an 1950 book by L H Bailey written as a complete guide to the multiplication of plants.

I have reviewed a great book on saving seeds, unfortunately that viseo and post have seemed to disappeared from this site.

I have saved more than my share of seeds in my attempts to garden.  My problem is turning the seeds into viable plants.

From the Author of The Nursery Manual:

This Manual is the twenty-second edition of the Nursery Book, rewritten and re-set. The Nursery-Book was first published early in 1891. A revision was made in 1896, as a third edition, when the book was taken over by The Macmillan Co.   Since then it has been reprinted frequently. For nearly thirty years the book has enjoyed the confidence of the public even though in the later years it has needed revision. The author can hardly expect it to continue its career for another quarter-century ; yet he is glad to have the opportunity to make it new again.

The book deals only with propagation and nursery practice. The temptation is strong to include certain related subjects, but the work will probably be useful in proportion as it confines itself to its single purpose. Therefore the reader must not expect to find descriptions of cultivation, transplanting, the general handling of plants, pruning, seed-breeding, or pollination ; nor has it seemed best, in a practical manual, to admit discussions of the interesting scientific questions more or less related to the subject.

When my successor shall revise this book or make a new one, it is to be expected that he will have the results of sufficient matured investigations to enable him to pronounce with confidence on many of the practices that now rest only on empirical and traditional habits.

The Nursery Manual
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