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The Segner Turbine

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The Segner Turbine is a low cost solution for harnessing power on a very small scale, which is no doubt why it was in the CD3WD set.

The biggest problem with microhydro (at least for homesteaders)is the initial cost.

The authors got their experience working in Nepal, so they needed things that were cost efficient and easy to repair.Applying the reaction principle of a jet of water to a rotating cylinder, J.A. von Segner had invented the Segner Wheel in the year 1750. He must have been inspired by D. Bernoulli, who, in the year 1738, had theoretically deduced and experimentally confirmed the water-jet reaction effect.

The Segner Wheel is considered by many authors to be the first turbine invented, although the term came into use only 1825. It works purely on the reaction principle

and so stands exactly opposite the modern Pelton turbine which is a pure action turbine.

Some mills are said to have been operated by Segner Turbines in Germany shortly after its invention, and later, limited numbers were in use in the United States of America under the name Barkers mill. Thereafter, the device was overtaken by other developments and was largely forgotten. Today, the Segner Turbine is applied for quite different purposes: law sprinklers

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