Book Review: The Tactical Advantage: A Definitive Study of Personal Small-Arms Tactics

The Tactical Advantage

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Read The Tactical Advantage and learn the combat-proven techniques big-city cops use to stay alive and effective when the bullets start flying.

Maintain the tactical advantage in any situation by knowing how to search buildings for armed intruders, use cover and concealment, maintain proper distance intervals and much more.There is some political viewpoints and religious scripture that turn some away from this work.  I understand the mindset and agree with most of it.  However, I feel like it should be mentioned in a review.

My biggest issue with this book is that it needs to be updated.  It is pretty old and some of the pictures look like the 1980’s  Which is pretty accurate given the career of the author.

Now the base mindset of a warrior doesn’t change – I imagine if a Samurai woke up in today’s America he would quickly learn how to run an AR platform rifle.

This book is not a definitive study of gunfighting techniques, but I do think his arguments on room clearing are valuable.  I have my own views of the subject – namely don’t clear alone – but for a cop or someone that has no choice, his words should be read.

While I don’t think the Tactical Advantage is the best book on the subject, I do think it has a place in a well read prepper’s bookshelf.

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