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The Ultimate Ruger 10-22 Manual And Users Guide


Book Review: The Ultimate Ruger 10-22 Manual And Users Guide
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Owning guns isn’t enough – you need to be skillful in their use. If one of the reasons you own a gun is because of your concern that you may need them in a grid down type of disaster, then you might also need to fix them.

To do that you need to know how. The Ultimate Ruger 10-22 Manual is not a gunsmith manual exactly, but it does cover total disassembly, modification, and use.

While I believe the section on machine guns and silencer construction are too vague to be useful ( and don’t tell the entire story on the legal issues of such modifications) the rest of the book is well worth the price.

Just be careful with the modifications, it is easy to go overboard, and each modification contributes to the characteristics of the whole gun – too much is not a good thing, and can cause malfunctions of the firearm.

I don’t own a ruuger 10/22 any longer, but I plan on buying one for my boy.  Right now all he has is a cricket single shot and a bunch of mosin nagants still in cosmoline (I figure when he is old enough for a real gun he is old enough to clean out the cosmoline from it).

In the past I have owned several of these handy little rifles, but besides putting optics on them I never really cared much for modifying them with fancy stocks and the like.  Even though I must admit, I have said if I ever get a nice range I am going to get some and put them in the Gatling gun kits and rent them out.

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