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The Unheated Greenhouse

The Unheated Greenhouse
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Todays PDF is an old book called The Unheated Greenhouse.  Today so much is written on heated or underground, or fancy greenhouses it is nice to share a simpler idea.

Excerpt from The Unheated Greenhouse

The unheated greenhouse may be represented by four distinct types, which can be classed as follows

  1. The glass-garden.
  2. The garden corridor.
  3. The conservatory.
  4. The ordinary span, or lean-to greenhouse.

Under each of these heads a few remarks will be necessary.

In this we have another book on the “Unheated Greenhouse” on a rather large scale. It is well printed and nicely illustrated. Quite a host of plants, bulbs, trees, and shrubs are named for the cool house. Many references are made to Kew Gardens, and in a large private or public garden such a house as the author describes is of immense value, for there is such a large number of plants that, though not actually requiring heat, are spoiled if left to the tender mercies of the weather. In a private garden, too, an unheated house is always serviceable to the gardener for gradually hardening off plants, retarding others, &c.; but to keep the house always ornamental requires a big reserve of plants to draw upon. Much interesting and valuable information and many useful hints are given, making the book one that the garden-lover may peruse with pleasure, gaining a good deal of useful knowledge at the same time. –Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, Vol. 33 [1908]

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