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Blueprints: Thompson 1928, MP38, BAR, Vickers

Thompson 1928, MP38, BAR, Vickers
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Today I have a couple blueprints for your browsing pleasure.  This PDF document includes plans for Blueprints: Thompson 1928, MP38, BAR, and the Vickers machine gun.

If you read that, I have some blueprints for a Thompson 1928.  That’s right a Tommy Gun.  Now, because I strictly adhere to all Federal Firearm Laws, and I am not a machinist I can’t actual use this blueprint to build one.   (Either one in its own right would prohibit gun manufacture).

Also in the event you are interested, all of these gun documents I am posting can be found on the disk I have listed to your left.  Additionally to the hundreds of documents I have posted, I have hundreds of gun patents (mostly suppressors) as well as class powerpoints and targets. all for $5.

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