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Thorkey Keyholder Review Review

Gear Review: Thorkey Keyholder Review
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First, I want you to know I did get this item for reduced price in exchange for an honest review.  Second, I was about to buy it myself when I got the offer.

When it comes to my keys I am a little weird.  I try to carry as few as I can and I like them to be very organized.  Before I got the thorkey I had used several different methods to organize my keys.

I have taken this to an extreme.  The last set of keys I had cost over $100.  OF course I had 2 64gig flashdrives and a nice keyholder.

I can’t justify spending that again when I may loose my keys.  But the thorkey costs a fraction of that.

In my opinion, the thorkey looks classier than the metal framed keybars.  I do know that the leather is more flexible.  Consequently, I find the thorkey easier to use than the keysmart system.

I really like this set up, the screw is very tight in its retaining nut.  My keys rotate easily.  This is a very simple process that someone took the time to do well.  They even spent effort in creating a nice package to ship it in.

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