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How to Easily Shred Chicken for Recipes


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As you may know, I like buying my meat in bulk, if you have the storage, and have budgeted for it, it is much cheaper, the quality tends to be better, and I feel a lot more secure knowing I have a year’s worth of steaks in the freezer just in case…

Normally, we stick with beef, but recently I tried the Zaycon food company’s* chicken breast and really liked it, so we have been cooking a lot with chicken.

I saw this tip for shredding chicken on pinterest, tried it out and found it to be a really good idea.

If you need to shred chicken for a recipe, this tip makes fast, easy, and uniform strips of shredded chicken.

I have used this for making dumplings, chicken salad, and chicken and rice.

Shred With a Mixer

  • Simply throw your boneless cooked chicken in a bowl
  • Grab your hand held mixer
  • Turn it on and use it to “mix” the chicken.

This tip works well with a hand mixer or a stand mixer.  Using my KitchenAid makes this tip very easy.  I recently bought one on amazon that was factory refurbished for a great discount.

Finally, I hope this tip is useful to you, and if you have any tips you would like to share, please let me know.

*Unfortunately, Zaycon Foods had some growing pains which lead to a lawsuit from one founder to another.  It has ceased operations.  This leaves a huge hole in the market, as they provided a very valued service to the prepper/homesteader/frugal living communities.

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