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TM 43-0001-30 Rockets, Rockets Systems & Fuzes (1981)

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The purpose of TM 43-0001-30 Rockets, Rockets Systems & Fuzes is to provide general and technical information concerning ground and aircraft rockets.  It covers general characteristics, specific data, means of identification, precautions and general information on packing.

When I first walked into the Marine Recruiting Officer my Recruiter must have thought A – he hit the jackpot and B – I was crazy.  I tried to enlist for 20 years, my argument was the British Royal Marines has a 22 enlistment.  We settled on a 6 year active duty term.  IUn exchange I was supposed to pick my MOS.

I picked Explosive Ordinance Disposal.  The recruiter tried to get me to go into aviation ordinance.  I got neither.  After infantry school I was ordered to Fort Knox Kentucky to learn to fix tanks.  It was my disillusionment with the military recruiting system and my personal battle against conformity, coupled with my new found interest in big tanks and large cannons that begain my one man crusade to built the Marine Corps version of Skippys list.

Anyway, I like rockets, and have been working on the legal versions with amateur rocketry – I can’t make them explode, but I can make them go really high.

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