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TM 9-1005-213-10 Browning .50 Machine Gun Operators Manual

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TM 9-1005-213-10 is the Browning .50 Machine Gun Operators Manual, the tripod manual and the manual for the antiaircraft mount.

The Browing M2 Machine gun is one of the longest servicing weapons in the American Military arsenal, and for good reason.  It works.

This was the main weapon on the M88 I crewed while in the Marines.  I was luckier than most of the tank mechanics as I was chosen to deploy several times with the M88 to be attached to 2nd Tank Battalion as a 3rd and 4th Echelon technician rather than being stuck back at the shop doing maintenance work every day.

My days tended to be longer, but I got to shoot more.  I have a fond memory of a time when we had to shoot up a lot of old ammo in a hurry and by the end of the training evolution, the M88 was filled to the tank commander’s cupola with spend .50 caliber brass.  When we opened the side door casings flew out like water.  It was awesome.

That was during the event old Tanker’s on the East Coast call “the Last Great Pickett”  we had so much fun they built a new tank range at Camp Lejuene so we would never be able to go back to Ft Pickett for tank qualifications.  I may tell the story some time, but I have to ensure everybody involved is retired and outside of the UCMJ.

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