Free PDF: TM 9-1005-231-10 Operator Manual .50 M85 Machine Gun

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TM 9-1005-231-10 Operator Manual .50 M85 Machine Gun

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With today’s gun laws, I doubt anyone reading this website (besides the NSA – hey guys) has an M85 .50 fixed machine gun, but if you like guns then you may find manuals on them interesting.

I have TM 9-1005-231-10 which is the Operator Manual for the .50 M85 Machine Gun so I thought I would share it in case some fellow gun nut wanted to see it.

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Since any machine gun made after 1986 is deemed to be illegal for us common folk the newer model of the famous M2 is out of reach for us, unless you happen to have a lot of money and open a store and buy one as a dealer sample….

So i guess, laws have loopholes if you have the money, but I digress.

Since we are talking about machine guns I will share the video which by any amount of common sense shows that the 1986 Hughes Amendment was not legally passed.

If you want a breakdown of the vote thefiringline forum has some FOPA information.


This does not specifically relate to TM 9-1005-231-10 Operator Manual .50 M85 Machine Gun, except how Rangel and others conspired to steal our constitutional right to own machine guns.  You may not like automatic weapons, but if you allow our laws and procedures for making laws to be subverted, then their is no rule of law.

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