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TM 9-1005-317-10 Pistol 9mm M9

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This is the TM 9-1005-317-10 Pistol 9mm M9, it is the operating manual for the M9 pistol – aka the Beretta 92.

Read this manual carefully before handling, loading, or operating the pistol.

Do not point pistol at personnel when loading, clearing, or firing as this could result in injury to, or
death of, personnel.

For safety considerations, the hammer should always be lowered to the fully down position by
depressing the decocking/safety lever.

The M9 pistol incorporates single and double action modes of fire. Anytime the trigger is pulled
with the decocking/safety lever in the firs (up) position and a round in the chamber, the pistol will
firs from the hammer down, half cock or full cock positions.

The decocking/safety lever can be moved to the fire (up) posifion wifh a minimum amount of force.
This could happen during removal of the pistol from the M12 holster if carried in the safe (down)
position and/or during careless handling.

TM 9-1005-317-10 Pistol 9mm M9

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