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What is a Tractor Box Blade Used For?


How to Grade a Driveway with a Box Blade
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Before I bought my land, I did not even know what a box blade was.  But after my friend brought his tractor and helped me clear some land and worked my driveway I see how invaluable a tractor and box blade are.

Now that I have a steep gravel driveway I know I need to buy a tractor with one.

What is a Box Blade?

Basically – a box blade is used to move, smooth, and level dirt and gravel.

A box blade attaches to a tractor, and while it normally is not powered, some models have hydraulics so the operator can adjust the height and level of the implement without having to stop work.

As the name suggests it is a heavy metal 3 sided box, with the front, top and bottom open.

The front has retractable teeth which break up hard ground.

Due to the use, these boxes are heavy, with a light one weighing 1/4 ton.

It is good to have friends

Luckily, I have a good friend with a brand new tractor, and he used his tractor and box blade to grade my driveway so he could get some time using his new tool.

I could not have done this work alone, and having a gravel drive on a hill with a curve it is something that needs doing.

End the end, I could not keep up with the driveway as it was built.  I hired a bulldozer to rework the land so that the water did not flow so aggressively down my driveway.

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