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Training Your Dog Through Positive Reinforcement

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Leaving your dog for keep chewing or just to sit on a couch and watch some animal discoveries kind of things make your dog to get bored. You have no idea how much energy your dog loses during that boredom.

So the mental exercise like training them for different lifestyles can burn off their boredom, make them active and reduce the chances of wasting their energy and preserves them from getting slow or dull. In addition to this, it is good for behavioral development of your dog. Try to train your dog by positive reinforcement because if dogs are trained through negative reinforcement they tend to develop fear or aggressive behavior. In fact, some dogs may get rebellious and will not change their behavior after receiving punishments. Specially, when aggressive dogs are punished they start harming their owner or things around them. Therefore, Positive reinforcement is the better way to train your dogs.

Training your dog through positive Reinforcement means to train your dog by rewarding him for the behavior you desire, and making him understand the behavior you don’t like. Your dog behaves according to your desire because something is added, a reward which works as a positive stimuli that encourages same behavior next time. Usually people use treats for positive reinforcement but the case changes when your dog does not respond to treats as reward. Today I am going to share some simple ways to train your dog without using treats.


Giving treats to your dog is not the only way to positive reinforcement you may praise him verbally. Dogs are very good in understanding human behavior they can even sense what you are feeling at times. They can understand feeling of expression through your tone. So just saying “good boy” or exclaiming about how proud you are to see him doing something you desired can motivate them for repetitive behavior. You can show them love and affection by cuddling him or giving him a kiss too.

Excursions as a reward

You can also give a ride or a small walk or attention play time at a park as a reward to your dog when he behaves the way you wanted him to behave. The wind in passing through his hairs sends him to fits of joy. Just see his expressions when you say “want to go for a ride?” You may find him at the door before you complete your sentence.

A new toy

Just like humans animals also love new stuff. If your dog does not responds to edible treats you can take help of introducing a new toy to him when he tries to do something new that you wanted to teach him. As I have mentioned before dog love outdoor activities similarly they like when their mind is occupied at home too. Therefore you may get interactive and chew toys for your dog as a reward.

These are few simple tricks that I do but remember every dog has different characteristics and if your dog does not respond to these, there must be something he is crazy over. Try to find it out! Also try out some fun kind of training methods to catch your dog’s attention and as soon he figures out that getting trained is all fun, he will become a really cooperating dog for you.

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