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Travel-Trailer Homesteading Under $5,000

Book Review: Travel-Trailer Homesteading Under $5,000
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Travel-Trailer Homesteading is a small book that packs a wallop, with information for readers tired of paying rent and yearning for a suitable home of their own, but who don’t have a huge bankroll to do it.

Kelling lays out all the basics: how to analyze your budget and costs; how to find suitable land and a livable travel trailer or RV to use as a permanent home; what kinds of tools you’ll need; and how to construct a septic system, generate power, devise heating and refrigeration systems, and much more.

While Travel-Trailer Homesteading is not a large book, and some of the ideas are a little impractical, I did find it useful – especially with ideas that I can adopt on a different scale at my own homestead.  I especially liked the ideas on sanitation and home heating as I found them to be useful as I develop my own little cabin in the woods.   My plan was to adopt many of the ideas to a shed conversion when I was attempting the “Dual Homestead” idea – you know to be practical and cheap – unfortunately my partner was unwilling to try other ideas.

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