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Tree Crops

A list of the most important books ever written about sustainable agriculture (and human health) would include Tree Crops, as well as the books by Sir Albert Howard, the publications of William Albrecht and Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

This book is another one from the CD3WD set, so you know that it has information that can be quite useful to homesteaders, survivalists, and preppers.  If it can be used in to help develop third worlds, then it obviously can be used after a disaster in a first world.

“TREE CROPS” is one of the important books of our time In its relation to ecology, national economics arzl human welfare. It is a fascinat- ing book for anyone interested In the basic problem of the nation-its real wealth and natural resources. Also for many people it may prove a very practical and profitable invest- merit.-LOUIS BROMFIELD

This book can be read in three ways-depending on your hurry or your interest.

  • First, look at the pictures ‘and the legends and you have the essence of it.
  • Second, read the first three short chapters and you have the idea. This might be followed by chapters 24 and 26 to get a similar general statement of the applications.
  • Third, if you are still interested, the table of contents or the index will guide you into the main body of supporting data.

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