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TrimmerPlus Garden Cultivator Attachment Review

TrimmerPlus Garden Cultivator Attachment imageI needed a new weed-eater, and while I was in the store I impulse purchased this TrimmerPlus Garden Cultivator Attachment.  I have long wondered how well they worked, and I finally decided to try it.

Honestly I did not expect much, and I really don’t like tillers in general.  I much prefer a broadfork.  Tillers in general tend to break up surface soil, but pack and harden the soil underneath – which is why permaculture people hate them.  Toward the end of the video you can see this very clearly.  Additionally, a garden cultivator attachment for a weed-eater can’t be nearly as easy to use as a full tiller.  At least that was my impression going in.

However, I traded my tiller last year, and I only have a few small raised beds so I needed something small and portable.  Which is why I tried this TrimmerPlus attachment.

It did exactly what it said it would do.  It broke up the first few inches of soil in my garden bed.  It wan’t hard to use if you understand the limitations.  However, it did wrap all the grass roots and long grass around the tines making cleanup difficult.  Additionally it was unwieldy and awkward to use.

I didn’t expect much from the trimmer, as it was only $100.  While that is a lot to a prepper, the idea of a trimmer attachment was too much to pass up.  However, I would not get one again, and in all honetly I will likely never get my money out of this one.

I think I will use it to mess around with some shallow ditch lines and such but I will never till more than a raised bed or two.

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