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Sawmill: Trimming and Stickering Sawn Boards

Sawmill: Trimming and Stickering Sawn Boards
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Trimming and Stickering Sawn Boards is a vital part of the sawmill process.  You must have airflow between the boards and they board must be supported and level if you want them to dry straight.

I also trimmed up the live ends of the boards I cut in order to square them up.  This is my first attempt and I guessed a lot of what I was doing.  They make a power edger that squares up the edges of boards, but like most things in a sawmill they are expensive.

I also made stickers to support the boards as they dry.  I made a bunch of 3/4 square sticks that are four feet long.

The cut boards are set up about a foot above the ground and the stickers are lain down between the layers of new boards.  This lets air flow between the boards and helps the lumber dry.

At the end of the video you can see a pile of dimsensional lumber that I stacked to dry.

What I need to get now is a solar kiln to dry my lumber in weeks instead of months and a planer so I can actually make perfectly square and accurate lumber.

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