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How to Burn out a Stump


How to Burn out a Stump
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In this video How to Burn out a Stump I give up and take a chainsaw to make a version of a Swedish fire log.

The idea is to cut down into a log so that the fire can spread internally as well as bring in some oxygen.

I used the chainsaw and cut a bunch of plunge cuts into the tops of the log going as deeply as I could.

You don’t want to get the chainsaw blade into the dirt though because that dulls one almost instantly.

Once I got the cuts finished, I doused on a little diesel and gasoline and lighted the stump.

Apparently my technique was not very good or the stump was wetter than I imagined because it did burn.  However, it did not burn as well as I had planned.

I have had much better luck in trying to burn out a stump by covering it with brush and boards and lighting a fire with the stump in the center.

This just did not do as well as I wanted.  What I probably should have done was drill holes and fill them with potassium nitrate stump remover.

There really isn’t too much to say.  I burned it as much as I could and I buried the rest.

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