Upcoming Pistol Instructor Course

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Clarksville Guns and Archery is hosting a NRA Pistol Instructor Course the Weekend of September 22nd.

This two day course will allow you to both become and NRA Firearm instructor as well as apply to become a Tennessee Handgun Permit Instructor.

This course will also include the NRA Basic Instructor Certification which is a required prerequisite to becoming a NRA firearm Instructor. (the basic course on September 21st is free to instructor candidates)

Cost is $350 a student, and the Instructor Led NRA Pistol Course is a prerequisite before attending.  The NRA Basic Pistol course will be held September 21st for those who do not already posses that certificate.

Any person interested will need to contact me to ensure you possess the applicable knowledge skills and attitudes necessary to complete the course.

A weekend is just not enough time to teach someone enough firearm skills to be an instructor.  You MUST already be proficient and knowledgeable.

This course is designed to teach you how to TEACH your knowledge within the framework of the NRA Program.

This is not a shooting course it is mostly class work, but you will need to bring handguns (preferably both a semi-automatic and a revolver) and approximately 150 rounds as you will have to both show proficiency and perform teach-backs of relevant portions of the course.

You will be engaged in teaching other instructor candidates in this class.

While it is not a requirement to be an NRA member to become an NRA certified instructor, the certification process is MUCH simpler and easier if you are.  I highly recommend you join the NRA before attending the course.  You should bring your membership number to the course.

Please see the Pre-Qualification tests below.