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How to Use the Grilling Touch Test to Determine if Your Steak is Done


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This is a quick tip that makes grilling so much easier. Of course if I was cooking commercially, or for people that were very litigious I would use a cooking thermometer and poke holes all in the meat – as it is much more accurate.

For the rest of us, this post on the grilling touch test to check streak to see if it is done works very well.

Meat is muscle – and is obviously under no tension as it sits on the plate raw – if your hand is open and relaxed the meat at the base of your thumb is also meat without tension. If you use your finger and poke the meat it will have the same give and springiness as the base of your thumb.

As the meat cooks it will toughen and have less give.  Likewise, your thumb muscle will tense as you move it.  Consequently, the farther you move it the tougher it feels.   Which is why this tip works


  • Your thumb relaxed equals raw meat
  • Next, your thumb touching your index finger will tense the meat at the base of your thumb slightly which replicates rare meat
  • Then, your thumb touching the tip of your middle finger replicates medium rare meat
  • Thumb to the tip of your ring finger replicates the feel of medium meat.
  • Finally, if you stretch your thumb over to close with the tip of your pinky your hand will tense so that the base of your thumb will be as tight as well done meat.

Try it – you will be amazed….

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