Guest Post: 4 tips to Using a Rangefinder to Hunt

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Hunting expeditions are the perfect vacation for those who love the great outdoors. And whether you’re hunting solo or you’re going to be with friends and family, one thing is for certain – no one wants to return home empty-handed.

For this reason, you’ll definitely need the right tools and skills to ensure that you make the perfect shot every time. Rangefinders are among the most useful devices that any hunter should have and here are a few reasons why they should be added to your packing list on each and every hunting trip.

Better Aiming

The primary function of a rangefinder is to estimate the distance between you and a targeted object, hence it’s no surprise that expert focusing and aiming is the number one advantage that you should expect from these handy devices. Whether you’re rifle hunting or bow hunting, poorly aimed shots are the main reason why most hunters lose out on that prized prey. So do yourself a favor and avoid another disappointment by investing in a high-quality rangefinder. You’ll immediately notice a huge difference in your aiming and overall hunting success.

If you often hunt on tree-stands or hilly terrain, then you are definitely familiar with the challenge of estimating distances while trying to factor in the angle of inclination or declination. Luckily for you, certain rangefinders come with an angle compensation, which allows you to get an accurate reading of the precise location of your prey. For expert reviews on the finest hunting rangefinders in the market, look no further than You’ll find trustworthy advice to enable you to make an informed decision.

Better Preparation

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and having a rangefinder at hand will enable you to adequately prepare, thereby placing you in a better position to seize every opportunity that arises. During shooting practice, use your rangefinder on different terrains to hit specific targets at set distances. This improves your estimation skills for better instincts when hunting. In addition, once you’re out hunting, take some time to survey the area and use your rangefinder to get constant distances between various landmarks. This ensures that if you see a deer near a certain rock, you’ll already have an idea of how far it is from you.

Better visibility

Most rangefinders come with a decent magnification that enables you to get closer to the prey without blowing your cover. In general, the higher the magnification power, the further out you can hunt. Having an extra magnification also enables you to distinguish between various objects so that you can avoid shooting something else other than your intended target.

Better Convenience

Binoculars rangefinders eliminate the need to carry a separate set of binoculars since they offer a 2-in-1 solution to your hunting needs. Another advantage of using binoculars rangefinders is their complementary design of a 2-hand grip as well as a cord that allows you to hang it around your neck for easier carrying.

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